The Glasgow Chronicles

Welcome to The Glasgow Chronicles website, where you can find all things Glasgow from the 1950s through to the 1980s and beyond. The website has been set up to complement The Glasgow Chronicles series of books by Glasgow author, Ian Todd.

On this site, you can find out more about Ian’s books and view videos, slideshows and pictures of what Glasgow was like during the years featured in The Glasgow Chronicles series of books.

The first book, Parly Road, begins at the start of the school holidays in the summer of 1965 and follows in the footsteps of a group of ten and eleven year old feral boys from the tenements of the Townhead district of Glasgow.  The subsequent books in the series follow the boys on the path from childhood to adulthood via remand homes, approved schools, borstal and secure young offenders institutions.

As the boys, known by friend and foe alike as The Mankys, grow older and the stories become darker, the reader is introduced to the craziest and most bizarre mix of characters that 1960s and 1970s Glasgow has to offer.  If you like reading about gangsters with strange names, corrupt police and dodgy politicians to damsels in distress, then The Glasgow Chronicles series of books is for you.

On this website, you can read the synopses of the books and follow the links to purchase if you desire. There is also a link to The Glasgow Chronicles Facebook page, as well as different features for people to peruse at their leisure. We have also introduced the songs playlist contained in each of the books.

So, you’ve arrived. Sit back and take your time and enjoy your journey through the site. Don’t forget to feedback and give me your views, especially on how to make the site more interesting and welcoming.

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The Glasgow Chronicles Book Series

Five brilliant stars!
Opening Parly Road was like stepping into a new world for me. I’m not from Glasgow, I’m not Scottish, not even British, so this book really took me on a journey into the unknown. It captivated me, as soon as I started reading. I took an instant liking to Johnboy – when he kicked his Corgi metal car with his bare foot, I actually felt his pain in my own toes! – so I followed him through the Closemooths of Glesga… catching a glimpse of the tenements and picking up some Glaswegian vernacular.
I met the Mankys and I witnessed their adventures – and misadventures. I discovered the horror of the warrant sales and the courage of the “wummin”. And I learnt a lot about the dove business… I went through a turmoil or emotions : I laughed, I cried , I held my breath… I couldn’t put the book down.
I didn't want it to end so when it did, I looked frantically for more pages… what a relief to know I will find them in ‘Run Johnboy run’!
A brilliant book – or should I say ‘pure dead brilliant’ - I strongly recommend!
Beatrice Leclercq
23 February 2017