The Glasgow Chronicles Book Series

The Glasgow Chronicles series begins at the start of the school holidays in the summer of 1965 and follows in the footsteps of a group of ten and eleven year old feral boys from the tenements of the Townhead district of Glasgow. The subsequent books in the series follow the boys on the path from childhood to adulthood via remand homes, approved schools, borstal and secure young offenders institutions.

As the boys, known by friend and foe alike as The Mankys, grow older and the stories become darker, the reader is introduced to the craziest and most bizarre mix of characters that 1960s and 1970s Glasgow has to offer. If you like reading about gangsters with strange names, corrupt police and dodgy politicians to damsels in distress, then The Glasgow Chronicles series of books is for you.
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Parly Road

It is the summer of 1965 and things are looking up for ten-year-old Johnboy Taylor in the Townhead district of Glasgow. Not only has he made two new pals, who have recently come to his school after being expelled from one of the local Catholic schools, but their dream of owning their own pigeon loft … Read more

Run Johnboy Run

It is 1968 and The Mankys are back with a vengeance after thirteen-year-old Johnboy Taylor is confronted by a ghost from his past. The only problem is, he’s just been sentenced to 3 years at Thistle Park Approved School, which houses Scotland’s wildest teen tearaways. Without his liberty, Johnboy is in no position to determine … Read more

The Lost Boy and The Gardener’s Daughter

It is 1969 and 14-year-old Paul McBride is discharged from Lennox Castle Psychiatric Hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown whilst serving a 3-year sentence in St Ninian’s Approved School in Stirling. St Ninians has refused to take Paul back because of his disruptive behaviour. As a last resort, the authorities agree for Paul to recuperate … Read more

The Mattress

In this, the fourth book of The Glasgow Chronicles series, dark clouds are gathering over Springburn’s tenements, in the lead up to the Christmas holiday period of 1971. The Mankys, now one of Glasgow’s foremost up and coming young criminal gangs, are in trouble…big trouble…and there doesn’t seem to be anything that their charismatic leader, … Read more

The Wummin

It is 1971 in Glasgow’s Springburn, and the stormy winds that are howling through the old tenement building closes and streets, leading up to the Christmas and New Year holidays, only adds to the misery that is swirling around the inhabitants of the north of the city. On the 17th December, Issie McManus’s only son, … Read more


It is January 1973 and the winds of discontent are picking up speed as they gust across the wintry skies of a country in which industrial stoppages and wildcat strikes follow each other on an almost daily basis. Equal pay and equality for women are still pipe-dreams in the second city of the empire, where … Read more

The Silver Arrow

The Silver Arrow is Ian Todd’s 7th book and continues on from Dumfries in The Glasgow Chronicles series of books. Whilst the residents of 1970s Glasgow are captivated by the antics of a mystery driver, who they’ve nicknamed The Silver Arrow, being pursued by police along Great Western Road in his 1930s sports car in … Read more

Elvis The Sani Man

It is 1975 and Elvis Presley, head of Glasgow Corporation’s sanitation food inspectors for the north of the city, is busy preparing for the Scottish final of the ‘Elvis Is The Main Man Event’ at The Plaza Ballroom at Eglinton Toll. When Elvis is not dreaming of stardom, he and his unlikely new partner, WPC … Read more

One Hundred and Twelve Days

Two gangsters and three police officers appear in court and are placed on remand to Glasgow’s grim Barlinnie Prison for one hundred and twelve days. All have been charged with various crimes, including corruption and murder. It isn’t long before well-known gangsters start to turn up dead, whilst others suddenly disappear into thin air. Elsewhere … Read more

Kingston Bridge

With only a month to go before two of the most controversial murder trials in living memory begin at Glasgow’s grim High Court, down in the Saltmarket, Wan-bob Broon continues to spin his dangerous spider’s web across the city from his cell in Barlinnie Prison, in an attempt to influence and control the verdicts. The … Read more

Ledmore Junction

A young couple escape Glasgow to start a new life on a remote croft in beautiful North West Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands. One is a district nurse and the other a budding author, attempting to reinvent themselves amongst the stunning scenery of Achmelvich Beach and Vestey’s Bay. In their wake, the police in the … Read more

The Black Pearl

On the first of February, 1978, Glasgow city councillor Brian McCann has just finished chairing a licensing committee meeting in the City Chambers, when a shot rings out on George Square and the sixty-six year old elected member for Possil falls to the ground, fatally wounded at point blank range.

Elsewhere in the mankiest city of the empire, things are starting to look up for The Mankys, one of Glasgow’s up-and-coming young organised criminal gangs. The dark days of keeping their heads down, following the unexpected return to the city of Pat Molloy, The Big Man, from Spain, two years previously, appears to have passed and the fruits of their labours continue to pour into Donna The Prima Donna’s illegal company coffers like never before. … Read more

The Rotunda Switch

With only a week to go until the launch of Kim Sui’s International Scottish Fashion Week in Glasgow’s Albany Hotel, excitement is growing as the world’s media and famous designers descend on the city from all over the globe.

As the supermodels fly into Glasgow’s International Airport, it is not only the media that is watching their arrival with keen interest though.

Under the radar, The Big Man, Pat Molloy, is playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, as 2 strangers, representing South London’s notorious Doublejoy Brothers, slip in to the city to meet up with The Black Pearl, one of the fashion world’s top models….Read More