Tartan Special
By Scott Imrie on 5 March 2017

Another absolute belter Mr Todd. It’s a split between Tartan Special sign and Tennents Lager cans from the 70’s / 80’s 😉

Loved this from start to finish – was watching ‘Growing Up In Scotland’ last week with Townhead and Springburn in the 60’s – 80’s featured; the film emphasising how well your narrative describes the setting of these books.
For first time readers go back to the start and read the series – you’ll no’ regret it.
These stories are so compelling it is surely only be a matter of time before STV or the new BBC Scotland channel seriously consider making a series out of these books. Ken Stott for the Big Man and James Cosmo for Wan Bob. Nominations for JBT and the Mankies welcome…..
As for as Scottish (semi) fiction goes Rebus and Begbie have got contenders

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