Run Johnboy Run

Run John Boy Run
The Irn Bru of Scottish Fiction
By Scott Imrie on 10 October 2014

I actually loved this book. A fantastic follow on from Parly Road. I felt a wee bit harsh giving Parly Road 4 stars, but now it lets me give this a 5 !
This book continues with the characters from Parly Road and gives you great insight into what makes many of them tick the way they do. At the same time as the main characters are developed and you understand some of the events that brought this mad mixture together there is an awesome continuing story of the misadventures of Johnboy, Tony, Paul, Skull and some new characters thrown in to develop a love / hate relationship with.
The way this and the previous book were written sucks you into Glasgow of the 60’s – I’m not from there but can picture all of this vividly.
Like the first book this is an adventure that is sometime hilarious, harsh and heartbreaking. I labelled the first book “un-put-downable” and this one just forces you to pick it back up an see what happens next.
After the end of book one I had to get book Run Johnboy Run opened up to see what happened and it didn’t disappoint.
I maybe can’t write a good book review, but Ian Todd can write a good book !
Over to you Mr. Todd, 5/5 and looking forward to the next instalment.
Look for the Facebook page to get a great idea of what these books are about and some incredible pictures of where it is all set.


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