The Wummin

The Wummin’ I love them.
By PKW Elgin on 29 May 2015

‘The Wummin.’ God’s creatures put into Glasgow at a time of poverty, hardship, and in the main, drink worshiping men. How did they possibly create an existence for themselves and their families? Ian’s fictional storey gives the answer. Each cared for the other. They shared their worries, miseries, troubles, and good times and when banding together in a common cause showed true determination to make their point.
Some of the ladies are known from the previous journals and refreshingly new faces are introduced. The dialogue used by the author (Glasgae Patter) is brilliant. From the ‘Wummins’ simplistic reasoning of a problem to downright humour was at times more than a reading pleasure. It was humour and wit at it’s best. The early occasion in the story where Helen goes with Issy to buy a coffin is outrageously funny and as a plot for a TV comedy show, with Scot’s actors, it would be real entertainment.
There are many other things in the book with which the author keeps the readers interest constantly alive, but because of my age and having knowledge of the times written about, one thing is obvious and that is within the fictional story line there is the strong presence of a sad social history.
A really captivating read. Loved it.


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